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"Dr. Prison's mission is to help you avoid being physically hurt, extorted, or possibly killed in prison."

Forget what you think you know.  Here is the cold hard truth about prison.

- If you don't know how to act in prison, you will have...

    • 25-30% chance of getting killed during your prison sentence.

    • 10-15% chance of getting raped during your prison sentence.

    • 30-40% chance of getting stabbed during your prison sentence.

    • 80-90% chance of getting beaten during your prison sentence.

    - If you make trouble in prison, you could face...

    • 23-hour solitary confinement, with 1 hour outside, all alone.

    • No visits or privileges of any kind.

    • A cell worse than this.

    - Other notes about prison:

    • Prison riots last an hour on average.

    • Prisoner jobs throughout prison generally pay less than $200 a month.

    Bottom line: Prison is no picnic.  It is a dangerous destination if you are unprepared.  Dr. Prison would like to give you the knowledge and preparation to get by in prison.
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