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Segment Name Air Date Audio File
First Day in Prison Fears (S1) 2/24/07 MP3
Paying Bills for Incarcerated Children (S2) 2/24/07 MP3
Dr Raul Valdez: Prison Addiction Behavior (S3) 2/24/07 MP3
Renee Sievert: Walk for Recovery & Mental Health Systems (MHS) (S4) 2/24/07 MP3

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Dr. Prison On Other Radio Shows

Radio Show Air Date Audio File
Crime and Punishment 8/2/09 MP3
Holder Tonight 11/17/07 MP3

Rich Covino

7/1/07 Coming Soon
Holder Tonight 2/19/07 MP3
Mikey Show 2/12/07 MP3
Detroit Tom Miller Interview 2/9/07 MP3
Minneapolis Steve Scholl Interview 2/9/07 MP3
NPR Interview 12/12/06 MP3


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