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I have been wanting to send you an update on my situation and take a moment to thank you for your services.  It seems like such a long time ago that I sought you out.  I really was a different person at that time.  I was scared out of my mind and had thoughts of running to another country or killing myself.  I didnít want to harm my family anymore than I already had but I didnít think that anyone or anything could help me. 

Your services truly changed my outlook and my life.  While I learned about specific tools that were invaluable for my survival I also learned about me.  I learned that my own personality was a factor that placed me in the situation I faced and it also was going to be something I would need to manage in order to navigate my incarceration.  I have been in prison for 3 months now and the knowledge I have gained helps me every moment and I mean, every moment.  I have avoided any trouble in here and I also am sure I can continue to do so.

As I watch new prisoners arrive I can immediately identify those that have been here before as well as those that clearly are here for the first time and are as scared as I was before I sought out your services.  I see the vulnerabilities that you spoke about and I am grateful that I did not demonstrate any of them as I first arrived. 

I have taken the skills that you have helped me develop and I find that I am a resource for other people in here.  So many need help and they donít know where to turn.  As someone who others turn to, it helps me in so many ways.  The time goes by much quicker than I ever could have imagined and I actually feel as though I am productive.  I know now that when I get out I will also be able to make it.  My vision of the future was foggy at best and now I know that I can survive.  My journey is certainly not over and I have more to learn, both here and when I get out.   I look forward to being able to work with you again and continue my success.




My whole life turned upside down after my arrest.  I never would have imagined that I would ever face time in prison.  And while I thought that I could take care of myself, my biggest fear was how my family would survive and how I would tell my boys what was happening to their dad.  What scares me most now is thinking about how my life would have been if I had not found you. 

Your service was invaluable and the sensitive manner in which my kids mental health was handled is greatly appreciated.  Regarding my boys, the system seemed ready to help me.  Your working with my attorney and communicating with the judge about my needs made my transition something that I could handle and my family could begin to understand.  I wanted you to know that my boys are doing well now.  They are doing well in school and I see them during family visits.  I have not lost my connection to them as I feared.  The whole process has changed me and I wanted to pass on something that my mom wanted you to know.  She said that she wanted me to tell you, ďThank you for giving me my son back.Ē  She sees the difference in me now and even though I am behind bars she knows that I will get out and there will be a chance to start over.  While some things may be lost forever, I have regained my optimism and I am planning for my future.  I cannot thank you enough.


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